Every Choice You Make Today Will Make One Easier Tomorrow

MortonArboretumHow many choices do you think you’ve made so far today?

10? 100? 10,000?

Studies are now estimating that we make thousands (possibly even tens of thousands) of decisions each day.

Click send on THAT email? SUPERsize it? Which word BEST articulates my range of emotions for that driver?

In fact, I recently attended an awesome Franklin Covey seminar with Haydn Shaw in which he referred to “decision fatigue.

The basic idea here is that we’re faced with so many choices each day that by the afternoon, most of us are mentally exhausted and ready to take the path of least resistance on any decision.

Ice cream. Internet habits. Electronic babysitter for the kids. Work productivity. Nothing left for significant other. Etc.

Many of us are not giving our best to the things we value most, and we’re not even aware of it.

And here’s what’s crazy….

Every decision you make today will make one easier tomorrow. Continue reading


Make Time For Play

JasonSheddGirls“Get your work done in 35 hours each week, and use the other 5 for play.”

That’s the quote I heard recently at a conference. Now, I recognize that 40-hour-work-weeks may not be a reality for most of us, but I’ll assume you’re fully capable of scaling the principle to fit your reality.

It reminds me of the old Google policy about “20% Time” in which Google employees were encouraged to take time each week to dream and create and innovate. And at least a couple of nuggets were developed during that time…you know…like Gmail and AdSense. Continue reading