The Best Summer EVER

FamilyFunKeyLimeCoveDo you remember giving those, “My Summer Vacation” speeches in class when we were kids?

No one paying attention, people goofing off in the back, a teacher who didn’t particularly want the school year to start up either.

And you’re up front, trying to tell everyone what you did in ways that set you apart but didn’t sound like you cared tooooooo much.

Now, I’m an old man and I would LONG for that style of presentation.

This was the BEST summer my family has ever had.

We moved to a new area in December, which meant putting the kids in a new school and nesting in a new house and taking them away from everything they’d known.

So we saved every penny of vacation money we could, and we decided to make this the best summer EVER for them…and in the process…we enjoyed it a bit too.

We bought season passes to Six Flags, annoyed our friends with all the pictures of trips there, spent 2 separate weeks exploring Chicago and using a CityPass to see every museum, we developed a new addiction called the Shake Shack, and we even surprised the kids with an unannounced overnight trip to a waterpark hotel, KeyLime Cove.

It was amazing.

Granted, we blew every penny in our vacation fund and now have the arduous task of rebuilding it slowly. But in the 3rd blog post I ever wrote, I challenged people, “This Summer…Make 10yo You Insanely Jealous of Current You.”

And I can tell you that I did.

So how was your summer? Anything to celebrate? Any regrets?

You know, it’s never too late to plan something fun or do something spontaneous.

When you reflect on the ups and downs of 2015, what do you want the tone of your memories to be?

I’m guessing none of us will get to the end of our life and brag how clean the house was or show people pictures of how well-organized the boxes in the basement were or pull a nurse aside to boast about the most beautiful lawn on the block…


What will matter to all of us will be the memories we made with the people we loved.

So get out there and finish out YOUR best summer ever.

[I’ve got to put the kids on the bus and head out to meet a friend at Six Flags…]


This Summer…make 10yo you insanely jealous of current you

SixFlagsFam1This week, 10yo Jason LOST HIS MIND in jealousy over a decision 34yo Jason made.

Not that 10yo Jason wouldn’t be totally envious of so many things in current Jason’s life. I mean, I remember those warm summer nights of long ago…when 10yo Jason would sit on the porch…and someday dream of riding in style in a 17yo Honda CR-V.

…or long for that guilty feeling current Jason has when he finishes off the entire giant bag of Sweedish Fish in just 3 days…hypothetically…I mean…a friend of mine did… Continue reading