What do you want to be remembered for…long after people forget your name?


Ben Hays leading worship at Park Church

What do you want to be remembered for long after people forget your name?

It’s the idea of legacy. And it’s been a topic that has dominated my thinking and my doing in ministry.

What are you doing that will outlast you? When people forget your name (and someday, they most certainly will), what impact do you want them to carry throughout their lives?

Witty jokes probably won’t be enough. Facebook rants probably won’t matter much. Being able to take down an entire 10-pack by yourself at Taco Bell…wait…no…that’s cool…and I would remember you for that…


Maybe it’s less about the events of tomorrow and more about the relationships of today. Continue reading


Oh hey, you look just like my maid…

Cinderella-the girlsBack in 2009 (you know…when I was like…ummm…19…yeah, that’s it), we were privileged to go to Disney with Elizabeth’s family. Our girls were beyond excited, but for the record, I think I was the biggest kid in our group of 10. So much so, that I made us ride “It’s A Small World” enough times that it may have violated the Patriot Act.

The girls dressed up as their favorite princess, and we made our way to 1900 Park Fare to dine with Cinderella and her family. During the meal (which was awesome, by the way), one of the step-sisters said the funniest thing I’ve ever heard at Disney. I’m sure she’s used the line 500 times to other girls dressed up in that same outfit, but for us, it was our first time hearing it and it only added to the magic.

She took one look at the pretty blue dress of our youngest daughter (then 2yo) and said, “Oh hey, you look just like my maid.” Continue reading