DisneyFam1Jason Wetherholt has received numerous [handwritten] awards [from his children]. He currently serves [unpaid and unrecognized] as The Chief Ride Aficionado for Six Flags Great America and as the [extremely part-time]  blogging dude on this site.

When he takes breaks from those [critically important] roles, Jason is also a thrill seeker, husband of one, purveyor of sarcasm, and father of two. He’s privileged to serve as the Pastor of Creative Arts at Westbrook Christian Church in the suburbs of Chicago. When he’s not riding roller coasters with the kids or watching Netflix with his wife, he enjoys video freelance and gigging with local bands.

Jason says, “The subtitle for the blog (Curiosity, Culture, and other stuff that doesn’t start with a ‘C’) reveals my disdain for the neat and nicely packaged impression we often present. Life is messy. And we’re each on a journey to make at least some sense out of it. But I’m glad we don’t have to go it alone.”

Thanks for checking in on your journey!!


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