Rise each day seeking to out-serve your spouse

We are a competitive culture, are we not?JandE-MTV

Every drive on a Chicago tollway is an opportunity for me to pursue the checkered flag. Every glance down the street gives me new desires to improve my lawn. Every time the Cadbury company releases a new product, I feel I have to eat 20 of them. Wait…is that the same thing?

What if we turned our competitive nature into something good?

I was at a conference a couple of years back, talking with an older, wiser gentleman about the season we were experiencing in our marriage at that time. He chuckled after listening to me share and proceeded to tell me that he himself was at a conference when he was younger and heard a speaker share something that changed his life forever.

He was zoning out in a session when he heard these words spoken, “Rise each day seeking to out-serve your spouse.”


You know those game-changing moments when you know life will never be the same again? Like the first time you saw Tiger Woods do that golf ball juggling trick. Or the day you realized that the singer from Foo Fighters is the same dude as the drummer from Nirvana. Or when you found out you actually CAN swim right after eating, and you knew you’d been living a lie.

What if you woke up tomorrow with no greater mission than to out-serve your spouse?

Or to assume better of people than everyone else in the office does? Or to consistently choose the least desired option before you roommate gets the chance. Or to pray for the people in traffic rather than…yeah, you get it.

awwwwwwwe...10 sweet years!!2One of my favorite U2 lines ever comes from Mysterious Ways, “If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel.” Maybe we could all learn something from assuming place of servant first.

Oh, and married guys…the benefits here are limitless.


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