This Summer…make 10yo you insanely jealous of current you

SixFlagsFam1This week, 10yo Jason LOST HIS MIND in jealousy over a decision 34yo Jason made.

Not that 10yo Jason wouldn’t be totally envious of so many things in current Jason’s life. I mean, I remember those warm summer nights of long ago…when 10yo Jason would sit on the porch…and someday dream of riding in style in a 17yo Honda CR-V.

…or long for that guilty feeling current Jason has when he finishes off the entire giant bag of Sweedish Fish in just 3 days…hypothetically…I mean…a friend of mine did…

No, Jason grew up in Aurora, IL (yes, yes…Party Time, Excellent). For all of you Illinois people, that’s like 45 minutes west of Chicago. For everyone else, it’s just Chicago, I guess.

And the highlight of Jason’s world was traveling to Six Flags Great America and riding the scariest coasters in his universe. Some of the greatest memories of 10yo Jason’s world were housed in that magical place. He would lie in bed at night, remembering his last ride on Shockwave and dreaming of his next return.

Well, since 34yo Jason moved his family up to Chicago this year (and was looking to bribe his kids into being okay with the decision), he decided to buy season passes, so they could enjoy Six Flags all summer long.

10yo. Jason’s. Mind. Blown.

It’s like a dream come true. Season Passes. For less than the cost of going twice. Which means they’ve now paid for themselves in the first week. And as if that wasn’t enough, we took advantage of a dining plan offer.

So now 10yo Jason is drooling over a summer full of burgers and fries…and 34yo Jason is losing fluids in other ways on the ARC trainer at the YMCA, trying to make up for those poor food choices.

We even went all the way…buying the refillable souvenir pop bottles. So for $20 each, we get complementary pop all summer long…and then by September, they throw in the diabetic coma for free.

Here’s my point:

What did 10yo you dream of? What did you lie in bed hoping some day would become a reality? What would have blown your mind then to know would be within reach now?

What’s stopping you? Seriously. What’s keeping current you from making 10yo you insanely jealous?

Maybe some playful excitement is exactly what the doctor ordered this summer.

Go. Play. Have some fun.

And take someone along for the ride.





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